"The story behind everything"


  • The first time PT BATS International Group was established with a notarial deed No. 10 compiled by notary Esi Susanti, SH., M.Kn dated May 23, 2016 located on Jl. Ir H. Juanda No. 50 Ciputat Indah Permai Offices Block C/30 Tangerang 15419,
  • We started a business with 2 members
  • Starting a service business starting with services in the field of taxation


  • The office of PT BATS International Group has increased in the Jakarta area of ​​West Jakarta, more precisely on Jl Islamiyah No.36, South Sukabumi, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta 11560
  • We have added several types of services that we offer, including accounting, auditing, and corporate action services


  • PT BATS International Group started to grow, we added foreign affiliates, including in tokyo japan, hanoi vietnam, and bangkok thailand
  • We increased the membership to 5 people
  • We started to create digital content and held training every month


  • Our clients have grown to around 50+ local and foreign clients
  • We released the latest services, namely Visionary Consulting and Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Consulting.
  • We opened a new division within our company, namely the investment division, and our members began to grow to 12 people


  • We built an IT team and created a new system to make it easier for clients to work together and help our clients grow with us