Visionary Consulting with monthly strategic report

This report contains consolidate financial statements of more than 30 company including subsidiaries and branches abroad.

This report made by one day, Shows the transition of the sales from establishment. Usually financial statements could be used for the analysis, however this financial statements are not aimed only to tell that result. It is aimed to change the company, through the result.

This strategic report is explicitly telling you how to change the company

Changes the company?? The point is that the speed of changed is different by industry. Then why the speed different by industry? There are 2 reasons :

  1. The speed of innovation in technology is different for each industry

    For example, in the case of a car's engine and tires. For the engine, the trend has shifted to electric cars, and the mainstream now is motors. This is a significant change. How about the tire? The new material for tires has been researched, but still, the substitute has not yet been developed. So, this area has been slower in technological innovation.

  2. The second reason is Globalization

    Whether the company is vulnerable to the borderless world. A client moves their business abroad. Generally, logistic companies are not easily influenced by technological innovation, but if the client itself shifts their business abroad due to globalization, even the logistic company is influenced. How about your industry?

But actually, there is a change that influences all industries. It is demographic change. This change is happening around the world as well as japan. The demographic change is ultimately linked to the number of clients or employees.

In any industry, the final consumer of the product or service is a person. This is why the demographic change influences all industries.

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